The Write Place #10: Christina Benjamin

My ideal workspace meshes home office harmony and invites possibility.

I’m currently blessed to write full-time. It has been a long-standing goal and living the dream is so rewarding, but not without challenges.

I prefer to write at home. And that has meant carving out a niche where I can be productive. I’m not one of those writers that can usually sit in a café or a park and write. I’m too easily distracted. I’m most productive when locked away in a quiet space with some white noise or instrumental soundtracks to drown out background noise.

My husband works from home as well and we’re often competing for workspace. With only one office in our home, our solution was to turn a large closet into my writing room. (I affectionately refer to it as my Harry Potter cupboard or my Room of Requirement.) Yes, I’m a book nerd.

I’ve filled my writing room with objects that feed my creativity and encourage me to keep writing. Some of my favorites are original artwork of characters from my series as well and a photo wall that displays a Polaroid of each book I’ve published. It reminds me how far I’ve come and how far I have yet to go.

My normal routine is to wake up, do yoga, then lock myself in my writing room with my dog (aka critique partner) and an endless supply of caffeinated beverages. I’m not allowed to quit until I hit my word count goal for the day, which is typically 5k words.

This routine has been working well for me and I’ll be wrapping 2017 up with 12 published manuscripts.


Christina Benjamin is an Award-Winning Author residing in Florida. She’s a proud book nerd, 100% Gryffindor, has entirely too many book boyfriends and loves coffee and tacos! She loves to read and write across genres. Her best selling books are The Geneva Project series and The Practice Boyfriend. Check them out if you dare. Follow her on Amazon.






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