Smash & Grab Pick Your Heist Crew (3)

This week, WA friend, Amy Christine Parker, released her third book titled, Smash & Grab from Random House Books for Young Readers. To celebrate the release, we’re listing our heist crew!

Warning: We have a big crew–you can never have too many lookouts!

Leader: Amy Parker (Because clearly she’s the mastermind).

The writers who regularly support WA:

Tawney Bland

Laura Perez

Kristin Durfee

Candace Ruffin

Victoria Nations

Valerie Willis

Kim Plaskett

Teresa Sargeant

Kathy Elbert

Arielle Haughee

Vanessa Valiente

Aly Phanord

Can’t forget WA instructors/guests such as Christina Farley,

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atelier-july (1)


Join us each Wednesday in July from 7-8:30 PM for workshops in which Ashley Inguanta combines elements of yoga and writing. The cost of each session is $15 or $50 for all 4! No writing experience is necessary. Space is very limited, so advance registration is required! Email to register.

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Arrows by Melissa Gorzelanczyk_Author photo_High_Res2_Credit Photo by Mark Anderson (2)The white door snaps in place and gives a firming shudder. If I’m standing close, I can still feel the air shifting on my cheeks. I reach for my yoga mat and ease into lotus pose with a mug of hot coffee.

After a sip, I breathe.


Finding myself among the thoughts that have already taken hold that morning, the mundane things of life like laundry and bills and what’s for dinner.

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TJR Author Photo B

I write from home every day, so I have made a concerted effort to create a workspace that I don’t go into unless I’m working. I make sure to do all of my work in there. I don’t have many boundaries in terms of times of day when I work, or even much of a sacred time when I stop working, but I keep the physical space just a little bit sacred in order to give myself some structure.

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Workshop Description:

It’s not your plot! Your character is dragging your writing mojo down! It happens to even the best of writers and you should always take time to evaluate the entities you have created. We will cover ten elements to help you develop a character, discuss Flat versus Round types, dive into developing a character’s personality, the different character types every writer should be aware of, and then how to apply character growth.

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KDWhen it comes to writing, I am a bit of a hermit. I tend to write in my office (I am lucky enough to have a separate one) or on my couch now that I finally got with the 21st century and got a laptop.

My favorite time to write is first thing in the morning, preferably if it is still dark out, though sometimes I hit snooze too many times and have to wait until after work.

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sel-jennytorressanchezjpgI mostly write at my local Starbucks for three to four hours in the morning. Grande Americano with water brought to the bottom of the shots line. Yes, I’m that jerky specific. But the crew here is incredibly nice and understanding of my jerky order.

So I write at the coffee shop. Not cliché at all.

I’ve learned to write pretty much anywhere, but this particular shop, another in a chain with generic appeal and ubiquitous presence,

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I’m writing this post from the driver’s seat of my car, which is parked outside the field where my sons practice soccer. It’s one of the three places that I regularly write. When the temperature inside the car cooperates, I actually get a lot of work done here.  There’s no wifi, no laundry to be done, and no tempting snacks to investigate. This spot works best when I’m drafting. I generally need more space if I’m revising.

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vanessa-garcia-2015bWriting like a Gypsy

I used to wake up every morning between 5 and 6am; hit my computer at home even before brushing my teeth. I used to pride myself on writing before brushing. I had a tiny room in my apartment that I allocated for writing, and I always kept the door shut. No one was allowed in without knocking. That worked for a while. These days, I still do my best writing in the morning,

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Lee Kelly alt photo med resThere was a point in my life where I couldn’t write unless I was at my favorite coffee shop, with iMusic playing an instrumental soundtrack, and a skim latte by my laptop. And I could never just jump into writing: I’d have to “warm up” by spending at least twenty minutes or so checking my favorite websites and scanning social media.

Two kids and two books later, that’s all changed. These days,

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