The Write Place #7: Taylor Jenkins Reid

TJR Author Photo B

I write from home every day, so I have made a concerted effort to create a workspace that I don’t go into unless I’m working. I make sure to do all of my work in there. I don’t have many boundaries in terms of times of day when I work, or even much of a sacred time when I stop working, but I keep the physical space just a little bit sacred in order to give myself some structure.

When I moved into my house, I put in an inordinate amount of energy making my office a place I would want to be. If you want to go in your office and you only do work in your office, hopefully, you’ll look forward to work. That was my reasoning, anyway. And it has more or less come true!

I like my desk to be orderly and clean, so I chose a glass tabletop. I like to be surrounded by calming colors. And I love keeping myself organized with lists, the bigger and “chalkboardier,” the better.


All of that, combined with angling my desk so that it faces the two french doors that lead out to my side yard, has made my work place, my happy place.


One True LovesTaylor Jenkins Reid is the author of Forever, Interrupted, After I Do, Maybe in Another Life, and One True Loves. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Alex, and their dog, Rabbit. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @TJenkinsReid or visit her at

One True Loves releases on June 7, 2016! To find out more information or purchase a copy, visit Goodreads, Amazon, or request it at your local bookseller.

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