I write best when I’m out of the house, away from the distractions of endless housekeeping, cherubic kids, and my adorable husband.  Basically, wherever I can put my computer down becomes my writing space, and I’ve had to learn to be flexible with my ideas of writing in the perfect environment.

“Blessed be the spaces that we create,” is a quote from writer and spiritual counselor, Briana Sussey that stuck with me after a particularly long fall down into a Pinterest rabbit hole. Ideally, I’d have a space in my home designated for my writing that I would keep beautifully pristine, uncluttered, and muse-friendly. My current space is a desk my mom bought me for Christmas a year ago. It’s a perfect little writing desk, exactly what I wanted, and ideal for writing sprints and organizing my story ideas. The problem is that it’s smack in the middle of our homeschool room, and when I’m there I’m constantly reminded of the other hats I wear and what I need to do.

I love to write at the cupcake shop in my neighborhood. At SmallCakes, there are no distractions. I can escape into the worlds I create and immerse myself in the stories I’m writing. Directly across from me is a wall of windows looking out toward a neighborhood lake, and to my left is a bookcase filled with books. The music is an eclectic mix from the 80’s up through today that stimulates my imagination, and the coffee is exactly how I want it. And on selected Fridays, I am joined by some of my favorite author friends. I don’t get here often, but when I do, I make the most of my time and accomplish 2-3x more than I would at home given the same time span. The time spent here is as sweet as the cupcakes they serve!


Kerry Evelyn has always been fascinated by people and the backstories that drive them to do what they do. A native of the Massachusetts SouthCoast, she changed her latitude in 2002 to teach elementary school in a sunny climate, and is now a crazy blessed wife and homeschooling mom in Orlando. When she’s not teaching or writing, she’s mentoring moms through Mom Mastery University, sharing essential oils, and planning superfun events for her kids and their friends. She loves God, books of all kinds, traveling, taking selfies, and escaping into her imagination, where every child is happy and healthy, every house has a library, and her hubby wears coattails and a top hat 24/7. She is the author of the novel, Love on the Edge.

Author: racquel