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Jesse Albatrosov

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Angelique MK Bochnak

Books for the Soul

Kristin Durfee

Kathy Elbert

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Grace Fiandaca

Travis Garner

Arielle Haughee

Cindy Marie Jenkins

Heather Lang

Paige Lavoie

Justin Boyd Long

Nancy Loughlin

Alli Martin

Rebecca McKinnon

Victoria Nations

L.E. Perez

Kim Plasket

Rita Sotolongo

Valerie Willis


Friends of WA:



Black Fox Literary Magazine publishes diverse fiction, poetry, nonfiction and art regardless of genre.

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Independent bookstore interested in building and supporting a strong local literary community.

MiP Logo_600x600Podcast Discussing diversity (or lack thereof) in the publishing industry.

Local press founded by Arielle Haughee. Orange Blossom Press is dedicated to getting uplifting stories into the world, ones that readers smile about hours after they’ve finished.

Burrow Press is a nonprofit, independent publisher based in Orlando, FL committed to publishing the best contemporary literature by new and established authors, as well as fostering literary community in Orlando and Florida.


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